Lost & Found

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"This highway leads to the shadowy tip of reality; you're on a through route to the land of the different, the bizarre, the unexplainable... Go as far as you like on this road. Its limits are only those of the mind itself. Ladies and gentlemen, you're entering the wondrous dimension of imagination. Next stop – THE TWILIGHT ZONE."

Twilight Zone opening by Rod Serling - never used.

"Witness Luther Grant, a loner, 61 years of age. He has a moderate inheritance and a care free life, most of which he's spent collecting things he holds dear, much as we all do. At present, he's testing his knowledge to its limit on America's most popular game show. Luther has no family and no one he would define as close. But he does have a strong will and a very sharp mind. He's also very determined. A trait that's going to lead him into unfamiliar territory..."