Sam was a respected member of the Culfire Entertainment team. Not only did he produce stunning artwork for the game, The Lord of Misrule, but went on to work very closely with Ray and Mark on book covers and site designs. Sam will be sadly missed.

A number of years ago, Mark and I were introduced to Sam Galentree through a third party. We needed artwork for book covers and computer games. As a trio, none of us actually knew a great deal about each other but what developed was a friendship so close that I felt we were almost family. We had a mutual trust borne out of a great respect for each other, to the degree that I suspect whatever was asked would be given without question. Sam wasn't simply a talented artist: of that there was no doubt, but he had inner strengths that many of us can only admire: to see the good in everyone he worked with; the ability to give without receiving: the composure not to speak ill of someone despite their misdemeanours. He was, in short, one of life's true gentlemen. I really can't say how much Mark and I are going to miss him and we're not looking forward to finding out. But I feel that whatever happens, wherever we go, and however much we achieve, Sam Galentree will always be with us in spirit. And that really is a very comforting thought. Rest in peace, Sam.

- Ray Clark 2009


Samuel James Galentree, 63, passed away peacefully at his home in Dallas, Thursday, April 9, ending a long battle with lung cancer. Born in Corpus Christi, Texas on October 9, 1945, Galentree spent much of his youth with his nose stuck in a comic book. The youngster gobbled up the stories, copying the drawings and vowing that one day he'd be writing and drawing comics of his own. But as the years rolled by, real life intervened. Galentree soon found himself building houses, laying shingles and doing room additions with his brothers in order to help keep the family fed. But he never lost track of his dream. Years later Galentree met and married Geraldine, his beloved wife of 39 years, and the couple moved to Providence, RI where he soon had advertising art and weekly comic strips in the local papers. He created record album covers for Sina Qua Non, an international recording company and t-shirts for local bands. He opened one of the first comic shops in the country, Iron Horse Comics and Collectibles, which sponsored comic conventions and card shows in the New England area. A few years later the Galentrees moved back to Texas and it was here in Dallas that the dreams of a young man would finally be fulfilled. Galentree created and published Bearfax Funnies, a series aimed at the younger set and later did Crypt Kiddies, which appealed to a more mature audience. Galentree spent much of his later years doing freelance art, including cover art for People Newspapers' Christmas Carol Songbook and advertising pieces for various local churches and businesses. He collaborated with a writer in Sweden to create a newspaper comic strip, "The Prime Minister," and did various bookcover illustrations including one for a book published in England. Galentree also developed an interest in 3D animation and spent much of his time, until his illness crippled him, creating characters and scenarios for computer games. Survived by his wife Geraldine, brother Fred Spicer, also of Dallas, brother Charles M. Turner and wife, Kathy, of Houston, sister-in-law Patricia Ann Moore, of Corpus Christi, TX and mother-in-law Betty Iversen, of Cranston, RI and numerous other siblings, relatives and friends, Galentree will also be greatly missed by Kitty Kat, a feral cat he coaxed from the wild and rescued 4 years ago. She stayed by his side through his illness and was a constant companion through his darkest hours. The family wishes to thank Community Hospice of Texas for their loving care during his last days. Their nurses and CNAs did much to ease his suffering and to help the family cope through this very difficult time. A Celebration of Life Service is being planned. In lieu of flowers, please make donations in his name to Operation Kindness, Treasured Friends, or the Audubon Society. Relatives and friends are invited to sign the guestbook registry at

- Geraldine Galentree 2009