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The first: four charred bodies in the middle of a field. The evidence suggests a ritual killing.

The second: the desecrated body of a young constable. He was investigating the riddle of the four charred bodies with his colleagues. They didn’t see or hear a thing!

The third: a registered charity collector, bloodless and deflated, stretched out in the driveway of the house of a famous, well-known, local writer, Mark Farnham, a man who has everything ... including secrets.

With each of the mysterious slayings, there are no clues, no motives, and no witnesses.

As the death toll rises, D.I. Jack Curtis' investigation finally leads him to Mark Farnham’s house – where he comes to realize that the isolated incidents are not entirely unconnected after all. They all have one thing in common – A Ouija Board. To understand what is happening, he grudgingly employs the help of a medium, a decision he soon lives to regret.

As Resurrection races to a heart stopping climax, Jack Curtis and Mark Farnham become aware of one thing – time is of the essence.

But it’s the one thing they are desperately short of.

Ray Clark (2017)