Yorkshire born author, Ray Clark's first full-length crime novel, Impurity, has now been released by London based publisher, The Book Folks.

Ray's writing career started with a 3'000 word essay on the author Graham Masterton, published by The British Fantasy Society in 1995: A book length adaptation, Manitou Man: The World of Graham Masterton followed in 1998, and was immediately nominated for both the British and World Fantasy Awards in the category of best collection.

Three of Ray's stories have previously been nominated for awards, including Purple Rain, by The Writer's Digest for best short story of 2007 and Promises To Keep, short-listed and given an honourable commendation by The Tom Howard Foundation in the U.S. in 2009. In 2019, Ray reached the semi final stage of the Screencraft Cinematic Short Story Award in the U.S. His story, Lost And Found, pays tribute to the creator of The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling.

Ray's previous novels include the cross genre stories Calix, Resurection, and Seven Secrets, as well as two short story collections, A Devil's Dozen, and A Detective's Dozen, and the novella, Ryder On The Storm, published earlier in 2019, also nominated for the Amazon Story Awards.

Impurity follows D.I. Stewart Gardener and D.S. Sean Reilly around the West Yorkshire city of Leeds as they try to run to ground a serial killer whose unique disposal of victims is beyond any stretch of the imagination.


A murder. No weapon. No motive: a detective on edge, and a community that wants answers.

One fateful night when off duty, DI Stewart Gardener intervenes in a street brawl and his wife is shot dead.

Trying to come to terms with it, he gradually returns to normal duties policing the streets of Leeds. Finding his wife's murderer is never far from his mind, but with no leads and a hazy recollection of events, it seems hopeless.

Soon he is presented with a shocking case. A man is found dead in his squalid flat, murdered with a mysterious flesh-consuming drug that pathology cannot identify. It is not long before another man meets the same fate.

The only connection between the victims is they both worked seasonally as Santas, dressing up as Father Christmas and entertaining kids in grottos. Who would want to kill such innocuous men as these?

The detective is puzzled. The local community is ruffled. The press is having a field day. The top brass wants answers. But can DI Gardener overcome his grief and solve the case?

IMPURITY is the first in a series of six murder mysteries featuring Leeds based Detective Inspector Stewart Gardener: each as suspenseful as the best thrillers on the market today.

If you like crime fiction that has you glued to the page and reading late into the night, IMPURITY is the book for you!

"A pure crime novel was a new step for me. It's a very competitive market place and to make it work you have to have something different. It was challenging and disciplined and I couldn't have done it without the help of a number of people involved in the research – in particular the police and a local chemist. I owe a huge thank you to everyone.”

Impurity is available for 99p on Kindle (FREE with Kindle Unlimited), and in paperback (7.99) from Amazon and leading bookshops. Links on how to purchase can be found on the author's and the publisher's websites.

Look out for the next in the series, IMPERFECTION, coming soon.


Ray is available for talks and conferences on his writing experiences and expertise.

For more information, photographs, interview opportunities or review copies, contact Ray on 07709 820886, or email on manitou_man@hotmail.com. Alternatively visit www.thelordofmisrule.net or www.theimpseries.net

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