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Award winning Yorkshire born author Ray Clark's new crime novel, Imposition, has now been released by his UK publisher, The Book Folks.

Ray started writing in 1995 and successfully placed a 3'000 word essay on the author Graham Masterton, with The British Fantasy Society for one of their in-house magazines. A book length adaptation, Manitou Man followed in 1998, which was nominated for the World and British Fantasy Awards.

Ray's previous publications include the cross genre novels The Priest's Hole, Seven Secrets, Calix and two short story collections: A Devil's Dozen and A Detective's Dozen. During the last twelve months, the first four crime novels in the IMP series, Impurity, Imperfection, Implant and Impression have also been published by The Book Folks, as E-Books, paperbacks, and audio books through WF Howes. Further publications include another cross genre novel, Resurrection and the author's stand-alone novella, Ryder On The Storm, in 2019.

Imposition sees detectives Stewart Gardener and Sean Reilly called out in the early hours of the morning where they find the body of a woman who has died in suspicious circumstances. At the same time, they discover that the house has also been burgled, and the husband who reported finding the body has footage of the burglar on his phone. Despite efforts to bring the burglar to book, no one can actually find him. Furthermore, there is no evidence to implicate the husband. So what has happened?


Nothing much happens in the sleepy little market town of Bramfield. So when a man bursts into the police station at two o' clock in the morning to tell them he thinks his wife is dying, it sets of a series off shockwaves with horrific repercussions.

Detective Inspector Stewart Gardener and his sergeant, Sean Reilly, arrive at the scene to find that not only has she died, the circumstances are extremely suspicious.

It then comes to light that the house was being burgled at the time the man claims his wife was dying.

Who is responsible for that, and how much does the burglar know about the situation?

Despite intense cross-examination of the husband, they have to let him go. There is no evidence to connect him.

During the course of their investigation however, they discover a killer who takes deception, obsession, and human cruelty to its limit, not to mention the ability to make himself invisible when it counts.

Furthermore, history reveals that Gardener and Reilly are going cold case: six victims spanning thirty years: all over the country, all with the same M.O.

Has the killer resurfaced in Bramfield?

Delving deeper forces them to realize that the question they really should be asking is: has he ever been away? Which leads them back to the husband.

But Gardener and Reilly are in for a bigger shock when they discover that he's disappeared as well.

With no further leads, the clock is ticking.

Imposition is the fifth crime novel in the IMP series. Each book has only a one-word title, beginning with the letters IMP.

Three of Ray's stories have previously been nominated for awards, including Purple Rain, by The Writer's Digest for best short story of 2007 and Promises To Keep, short-listed and given an honourable commendation by The Tom Howard Foundation in the U.S. in 2009. In 2019, Ray reached the semi-final stage of the Screencraft Cinematic Short Story Award in the U.S. His story, Lost And Found, paid tribute to the creator of The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling.

"Imposition is the only one of the books that is based on true events. I took a call from an ex-policeman friend of mine who said he had something very interesting to tell me over a drink. I was transfixed for two hours as he told me about the case of a lifetime he had worked, where it took them thirteen years to catch the suspect, and it was only a throwaway comment from a juror that sealed it. I simply had to write that story."

Imposition is available in the Kindle E-Book (99p) and paperback (8.99), and audiobook (18.99) formats from Amazon, and can be ordered from traditional and independent bookshops; also from The Book Folks webiste, and links from the Author's own website.


Ray is available for talks and conferences on his writing experiences and expertise.

For more information, photographs, interview opportunities or review copies, contact Ray on 07709 820886, or email on

Details of all Ray's work and appearances can be found on his website.

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During October, Ray spoke to Tony Barker of Billboard TV about the IMP series, in a socially distanced TV interview, sharing the bill with one or two big names from the world of music and books. Click here to see the interview.