Sometimes justice comes at a price!

Award winning Yorkshire born author Ray Clark's latest crime novel, Impious, has now been released by his UK publisher, The Book Folks.

Ray's writing career was kickstarted with a 3'000 word essay on the author Graham Masterton, published by the The British Fantasy Society in 1995: A book length adaptation, Manitou Man followed in 1998.

Impious is book 8 in the best-selling IMP series featuring detectives Gardener and Reilly as they face the worst that West Yorkshire can throw at them; chasing serial killers, blackmailers, thieves and crooks, with many heart-stopping moments of danger and suspense along the way: previous books in the series are Impurity, Imperfection, Implant, Impression, Imposition, Imposture and Impassive, and the Kindle Box set, Northern Crimes.

Impious follows detectives Stewart Gardener and Sean Reilly around the West Yorkshire town of Morley near Leeds when an estate agent finds a body in an empty shop she was trying to lease. But the case is far from cut and dried when one corpse turns out to belong to four different people. Furthermore, evidence indicates it has been frozen, which is only the beginning of their biggest nightmare to date.


DI Stewart Gardener and Detective Sergeant Sean Reilly face one of their most disturbing cases yet when a corpse is discovered in a disused property.

It's unrecognizable. Abominable. Frozen body parts belonging to four people have been sewn together as one.

In the mouth is a chess piece. Next to the body, a cryptic message about a girl.

The detectives must quickly try to make sense of the scene, trace the victims and bring a sick mind to book.

But maybe the killer has other ideas…

Three of Ray's stories have previously been nominated for awards, including Purple Rain, by The Writer's Digest for best short story of 2007 and Promises To Keep, short-listed and given an honourable commendation by The Tom Howard Foundation in the U.S. in 2009. In 2019, the author's story, Lost And Found was short-listed for the Cinematic Screen Awards in America.

"Working on Impious was extremely challenging. For the first time since the IMP series started, I was going to have to take Gardener and Reilly into a cold case that was over forty years old. The police procedure and the chemical angle brought further challenges, all of which I found very entertaining. I just hope the reader does."

Impious is available in Kindle format and as a paperback on the Amazon platform, and can be ordered from bookshops. All previous IMP series books are also available as audio books.


For more information, photographs, interview opportunities or review copies, contact Ray on 07709 820886, or email on

Details of all Ray's work and appearances can be found on his website.

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